Improves posture, comfort and performance!

Rev02 is a postural shirt that improves posture without reducing comfort, thanks to a weave that uses the strength of the medical elastomer (which is an integral part of it).

 postural shirts, also have a thermoregulation function (breathable) and help breathing, keeping the diaphragm in the correct position.

  • Postural
  • Thermoregulation – breathable
  • Improves breathing and oxygenation – keeps the diaphragm “open”.

Rev02 is not only a postural t-shirt but also a complete line of technical clothing with many innovative ideas that comes from the long tradition of Spring Revolution 2.0, the Made in Italy sportswear

maglia posturale

3 functions in 1 T-shirt!

The innovation that makes the Rev02 line unique is the Postural Support structure of the t-shirts that improves posture and consequently improves breathing and oxygenation, two processes that decisively influence both the athletes’ performance and well-being.

The high parts of the t-shirts are made with a revolutionary technique that allows to differentiate the front and the back of a garment (without any stitching), thus obtaining a comfortable and efficient postural support without damaging aesthetic appearance.

Postural support is thought not only from a corrective but also from a performance point of view, since keeping the ribcage more open improves the metabolic processes of the whole organism and therefore physical response.

Added to this you have a thermoregulation function (guaranteed by the use of a performance yarn such as Dryarn) that allows to protect yourself from both heat and cold while keeping your body always dry.

That’s why Rev02 is synonym of comfort, well-being and performance.

What do those who bought the postural t-shirts think?

recensione maglia posturale

The postural support of the Revo2 t-shirt helps to combat back pain.

Correct posture is important to combat back pain. Assuming an upright posture relieves the tension in the muscles and inflamed ligaments that cause pain.

maglia posturale per mal di schiena

This is why the integrated postural support of Revo2 t-shirt can concretely help anyone to combat the causes of pain. The postural t-shirt has a corrective effect thanks to an advanced technique of integrating elastic bands into the fabric

100% Made in Italy!

Choosing Rev02 postural t-shirts and Spring Revolution 2.0 products means choosing the accurate quality of a 100% Italian product.

abbigliamento sportivo made in italy

From the yarn to the finished product, everything at Spring Revolution speaks Italian. The production process starts with yarns purchased in the production districts of northern Italy

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